Ovulation Testing

I had a positive ovulation test 2 weeks ago (static smiley on clear blue) - day 23 of cycle. Bloods 1 week ago showed progesterone level that indicated ovulation. Guessing I ovulated around day 24 of cycle. I am due my period Thursday/Friday this week and did an easy at home ovulation test today more as a control to check how accurate they were and it is positive. I am currently day 36 of my cycle (these are usually 31 days but likely delayed this month due to late ovulation). Does anyone know why this is positive at this stage in my cycle?
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Mine was like that and I was pregnant. However could be your body having a double ovulation (it’s quite rare but it happens)xx

@Leah thank you! Will do a test tomorrow 🤞🏻

Please tell me if you are 🥰 good luck 😍💓

Most likely pregnancy but I’ve also heard you can get a surge when your period is about to start. Maybe test in the next day or 2. Fingers crossed 🫶🏽

Congratulations 🫶🏽🥹

Thank you! 💛

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