Is this normal??

Is it normal for my 2 year old to climb on me and like be in my personal space? Cuz he’s always in my space. If I’m laying on the bed on my belly he feels the need to like climb over me on my back and he also moves his legs so much. Even when he’s going to bed. Then if I’m cuddling with him he’s constantly moving his legs on mine. Like I want him to stop climbing and being so touchy. He also grabs my face and kisses me but he’s not just giving a smooch he’s like trying to give me a long kiss. When he’s in a loving mood to me he wants like 100 kisses lmao 🤣
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Mine is about to be 4 and lovesss his cuddles, hugs, and kisses. He doesn’t even really like to cuddle with his dad, just me. So maybe it’s just a mommy/son bond cause my daughter is 5 and doesn’t like cuddles and such.

Yep it don’t ever stop

My son was like this! Not too much with the kisses constantly but having to climb on me or have his feet on me while they were moving nonstop. He still does the foot thing sometimes, but he’s 7 now, and he’s slowly getting out of even that. So annoying while you’re going through it, but I kind of miss it sometimes now. 😅

It never stops!! 😭 My teen even does this. I try and sneak away and then everyone's in the damn bed with me. Little ones jumping and fighting, the oldest with Mom, Mom. 😐😐 I just wanted to read a book.

Ŵhats this personal space you speak of? I think it's a myth

Yep it’s normal! My 2 & 4 year old do not leave me alone. I was recently stuck in bed due to an injury and it was a miserable few days. I couldn’t rest. I was just used like a trampoline that entire time. I love my kids, but I was overstimulated by noon and just wanted them away from me. Usually I’m able to walk around and do other things but if I’m ever still, you can count on my kids to be on top of me within the next 30 seconds. I wish I was exaggerating 😭

We're moms.....there's no such thing as personal space🤣

Enjoy it before he stops

Yes it’s normal

I'm thinking you are like me and have an issue with being touched so much. Yes it's normal. I gave my kids time to do that but also showed them boundaries because it can set me into an emotional space I don't like being in. It takes consistency but give him plenty of time to be like this but also show him times that you just need space and time. Direct him to something else after stating "Mommy just needs some time not being touched" or an equivalent.

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