Wriggles 😆

25 weeks today!! 😁 baby boys very wriggly right now after dinner and couldn’t be happier! Love feeling him move around so excited to meet him 🫶🏻🩵
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your bump is so cute! my girl is also SO wriggly at the minute hahahaha they’re crazy in there 🥹

@Rebecca thank you!! And I know it’s so crazy! My boyfriend felt him move for the first time the other day it’s crazy but one of my favourite feelings 🥹🫶🏻

@Evie it makes me wonder how bored they must be in there lol. my boyfriend was able to feel our daughter’s hiccups the other day which was so cute. it really is the best feeling ever 🥹 🫶🏻

@Rebecca so cute!! 😁🥹 also we’re only in Antrim not far away from you guys! ✨

We have the exact same due date, and we’re also the same age, and having boys! 🥹🥰 Mine has also been soooo active today!

@Anisha ♡ the 24th September? 🥹 congratulations girl!! 😄🫶🏻🩵 your bump is sooo cute too, I love feeling him be active

@Evie omg you really aren’t too far! we’re in belfast ☺️

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