Constant crying

Hi all, I have a 10 week old baby girl, she’s always been quite a fussy bub letting us know if she’s hungry/needs a nappy change/uncomfortable in any way but over the last week or so has been even worse with constant cries throughout the day for up to an hour at a time, I can’t seem to see a pattern as she’ll cry before a feed / after a feed / an hour + after a feed, it’s also worse during the morning/afternoon than the evening & as it’s worse at 10 weeks feel like it can’t be colic. Has anyone else had the same? I don’t know whether to see a GP or not as otherwise she’s fine- taking feeds/wet & dirty nappies fine/no fever so do
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My girl cries alot too. Shes just under 10 weeks. I've never had a baby that really cried before so it's new to me 😩 I just assume it's her belly giving her jip because sometimes I've done everything and she still cries or whinges bless her

I have a very wingey baby

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