Speeding up contractions

Hey girls, Been having contractions every 10 mins since 2am 😴 had lots of bloody mucus plug come out today too but triage aren’t concerned and don’t want me to come in until I’m having more contractions. Anyone got any ideas of things to try? I’ve had spicy food for tea, been bouncing on my ball, walking around the house up n down the stairs. Had my tens machine on most of the day as they are quite painful (highly recommend if anyone’s thinking of getting one!!) so I’m a bit scared of the pain if I take it off n go in the bath! Just wanna meet my baby girl now as I’m sooo tired not gonna have the energy to push at this rate!
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Careful going in the bath after losing your mucus plug as you are at risk of infection ♥️

Stay relaxed as possible in a dark room listening to relaxing music helps 👍🏽 I did this and progressed pretty quick

It's awful isn't it the slow progress of it when it's slow labour. Remind yourself for everyone contraction you're one step closer to full dilation so it's for a reason. I tried to stay active whilst staying local and tried to watch something gripping. Are you taking enough pain relief too? Take what u can if you're happy to. My labours slowed more when I went to hospital so do wish id have tried to stay home a bit longer. At least things are happening naturally for you (overdue here bleurgh!)

Try miles circuit to hasten the contractions

Sadly I would say there isn't much you can do but keep active, try not to take paracetamol as it stops prostaglandins, and use your ball or a tens machine if you have one and try and keep calm and distracted x

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