Baby no longer walking?

My baby has been crawling since 5 months and walking amazingly holding on to one hand since 6 months. Since turning 7 months she has mastered crawling and jumping when holding hands but now seems to not walk well at all. Is it normal for her to forget how to do this or not want to? Or is it possible she has hurt an ankle etc? Also, since her top teeth have come through she’s been grinding them again her bottom constantly. Is this ok? Or should I try to prevent it? Thank you
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I googled it about the teeth grinding and apparently it’s perfectly normal and it can distract them if they’re in pain with other teeth, but use teethers etc to distract them if you can. The noise hurts my ears 🤮🤣

@Naomi Thank you! And mine too, the thought of it alone sends shivers down my spine 😬

I heard they can stop practicing a skill if they work on another one. Maybe it’s just that. 😊

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