Baby shaking her head

My baby girl always shakes her head when been laid down to sleep. I have to make sure I put my hand on her chest till she stops and sleeps . Is anyone facing this
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Yes my daughter did this when she was overtired and trying to settle to sleep

My daughter did this, then eventually started banging her head against things which was a massive worry. It’s self settling behaviour, the rhythmic movement comforts them. If it’s brand new though or you notice any other symptoms worth getting their ears checked as can sometimes be a sign of an ear infection.

Is usually self soothing, put if they end up pulking at ears a lot or putting fingers in ears then would get checked for ear infection

Yeah my daughter did this as a self soothing thing when she was a baby

Soothing technique - my kid did this for months early on

My son shakes his head to go to sleep every night...still does it even at 2 and a half!

Thanks Mama's for the reply, because whenever she does that my husband will be asking if something is wrong with her. He even wants to see the doctor about it lol

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