Throwing things?

Anyone else’s 5 month old throw things or get really excited like my sweet girl does?😂
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Yes and hits himself with things and then gets upset lol

@Hannah YES omg what’s this all about 😂

Cute! Yes same here; it’s become more and more calculated and intentional🤣

It’s all just so new to them still. Learning how to grasp and move their hands.. they’ll get the hang of it eventually 😂

@Keilah it’s become a game around here 😅 she realizes oh mom will pick it up? watch this 😂

@Hannah it‘s so entertaining watching them learn everything 😂

So cute!

My girly will throw her pacifier across the room and look at me as if I did it.

Yessss hahaha so funny 🤣 She gets mad and throws her toys when she wants to be picked up 🤣🤣🤣

Mine is doing the opposite, she grabs things and clutches them to her face while yelling 😂😂

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