How quickly did labour start after a sweep?

I’m 39wks and had my first sweep today, the midwife said she was able to get 2 fingers through, could feel babies head and the water sac and I’m about 2cm dilated. I’ve already started getting cramping and low back pain and tightness across my bump.
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I mean my little one did not want to come out and i ended up having 3 sweeps until my waters broke the evening of my third sweep. But i know everyone is different x

I had a sweep and gave birth 24 hours later. It started with lower back pain and cramping right after the sweep and then I went in at about 1am that night (sweep was at 12pm)

My sister had a sweep at 39weeks, another at 40weeks and then baby came 2days later x

Had my sweep on a Tuesday morning, contractions started Wednesday evening. Another sweep Saturday evening then baby was born Sunday evening. It was a long week ! 😂 x

I had my daughter 6 hours after my sweep, however I was already 4-5cm at my sweep! Xx

My second sweep I was 2cm, could feel baby's head & soft cervix - it's been 6 days and had a third sweep since but still nothing! X

i was 1cm dilated on the 9th may at my appointment (39+4), had a sweep at 4pm and my little girl was here at 5:48am the following morning. so only 13 hours, but i went into labour at 2:15 after my waters broke naturally. but i know women who have sweeps and dont work at all!! my mum said her sweeps really hurt her but mine didnt. good luck lovely xx

I had a sweep when I was 1cm dilated on Sunday morning, and baby came Monday evening No signs anything was happening pain wise, but did have a lot of bloody discharge etc

Update: went in for a growth scan and baby has been measuring fine up until today she’s measuring above the 97th centile and they are pushing for me to be induced even though I really don’t want to be. Since my sweep yesterday I’ve started loosing my mucus plug (only small bits). I’m still getting on and off pain but it’s very minor. Really hoping she comes soon so I won’t have to be induced. Is there a chance your cervix can close back up after having a sweep? Xx

@Holly defo don’t feel pressured into getting an induction if you don’t want to! Maybe try lots of colostrum harvesting or request another sweep? Hope you go into labour soon!

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