Double prams

My son will be 2 when my little one arrives, does anyone recommend any double prams, are the side by side really wide? Xx
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I have a 17 month and three week old and I have the Ickle Bubba Venus Prime. It's really good xx

We looked at the Venus prime too but it was too big for our front door😫

I have ickle bubba Venus prime it’s still in the box though as baby not due for a few weeks, Its meant to be narrow though can fit through a standard door and fits in a fiat 500 boot too so must be fairly small for a double xx

Get the joie double. Its quite slim for double buggy. Very helpful for my girls.x

We’ve just bought the cybex Gazelle, haven’t used it yet but our son will be 19 months when the new baby arrives xx

Thankyou all so much this is very helpful! I never even thought about measuring my door so I will definitely do this! Appreciate all the suggestions xxx

I don’t think most people do, I think I probably was overthinking it too much to even consider measuring it😂 but I’m glad I did

My friend has the mountain buggy duet and it fits through a normal door x

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