Mother in law not sticking to boundaries

My mother in law has a cold sore. We are currently staying with them and asked her to not kiss/touch our 6 week old baby until it’s gone. We caught her holding the baby and directly scratching her mouth then touching our babies face. We read herpes virus can be very very dangerous/fatal in babies under a certain age. Really do not know how to handle this. I’m sick with worry and also absolutely livid. Any advice?
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She no longer has access to your child. Yes, it’s very fatal. My niece gets them, and she’s 10. On HER OWN ACCORD, she makes the conscious decision to go nowhere near my baby when she has an active one. She doesn’t even kiss him when it isn’t active because she wants to be extra cautious.

The fucking audacity and the fact she has ZERO CARE. I would NEVER let someone see my kid again after that. I'm SO sorry oh my god

please read this post, do not back down on this. herpes can kill babies

Gosh, I’m so angry for you. Show her the information about it and do not let her near your baby again. She’s shown she can’t be trusted and that she doesn’t care about your wishes and your child’s safety. Really hope your baby will be ok xx

This makes me absolutely livid for you. How f*cking selfish on her end. Honestly my baby and I would simply not be around her again until she’s proven she can respect your boundaries.

I would be furious! She wouldn’t be holding the baby or be going anywhere near them!

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