How do I tell my husband father that he can’t come to my baby girls birthday party in August.
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Is there a reason he can’t come?

Need more context on why he can't come to be able to help advise how to try to handle the situation

His father is a drug addict.And he also tells my husband to leave me and take our daughter with and etc. thete a lot to it

This sounds like it's your husband's job to tell his father he can't come by that day.

Sounds like you and your husband need to discuss what boundaries and stipulations you are going to give him to be allowed to be a part of your family's life. Then your husband needs to have a heart to heart with his dad about these boundaries and stick with it.

Don’t tell him when it is

Tell your husband that YOURE the one throwing it and you don’t wanna deal with drama on YOUR baby’s first birthday. I’d be honest and tell him “I don’t want your drug addicted father at our kids first birthday, sorry” and if you’re met with any attitude or disagreements then tell you’re husband he married you not his daddy and everyone needs to be mature about those decisions. If he can’t tell him himself then I agree with above comment just don’t say when it is to him and maybe have it somewhere where there’s a limited amount of guests and exclude him

Like my husband doesn’t talk to his father at all but his little sister whose 16 talks to him. His father kicked her out at 13 and she lives with the grandma.

Then you and your husband need to make sure that his little sister knows not to tell him when the party is. If no one is talking to him to invite him then it should not be an issue.

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