Back pain!

Has anyone got any good recommendations to help with back pain I’m 31 weeks 5 days and I just feel so much pressure and uncomfortable please help
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My belly band has been amazing (I got the acutal belly band brand one) the pain is still veryyyy prevalent but no where near as bad xx plus we can use it post baby to keep everything together

Time machine. Fast forward a few months 🙃

Seriously though. Stretching. Hot water bottle (not too hot). Light movement but also plenty of rest.

I got a pregnancy support belt it helped so much

I couldn’t afford a belt, but I got a heating pad on sale at Walmart. And having a pillow between the legs, as well as having a long one behind your back, it helped me a lot. Probably not as good as a belt but it worked where I could lie comfortably without tossing and turning all night.

I bought mine second hand on fb marketplace I think I spent like $30?

I've been using cbd cream for my back before bed, it works amazing

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