Pubic bone pain anyone ?

Hey! I'm 26 weeks now and been starting to have really awful sharp pain around my pubic area. Something as simple as walking and getting out of bed is pretty painful! Anyone else having this? And what did you find helpful to relieve pain or what kind of exercise would you recommend?
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Yes! Ive been dealing with this. I see my OB next week so I’ll ask about it then. I’m starting to do pelvic floor exercises which hopefully will help

Yes! It’s been so bad! Going up and down stairs, rolling over in bed and getting up from sitting hurts so bad! I started doing a few exercises and told my doctor about it yesterday. I’m going to ask for a physical therapist referral and might try chiropractor or acupuncture.

Yes unfortunately it’s common 😩 happening worse this pregnancy for me but there are excerises and/or therapy you can do to help

I’d say just ask your doctor which route is safe for you to use.

I had this start around that stage. I found prenatal yoga to be so so helpful. A daily even ten minutes of it helped me a lot, and then doing some of the stretches or moves through the day or in the middle of walks helped too. Lots of great guided videos online. Some moves that especially seemed to help me included child’s pose, leaning in a half moon type pose, and then doing big hip circles (like hula hooping without the hoop).

I got a belly belt/band that seems to be giving me some instant paid relief. Not entirely gone, but much more comfortable

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