Anterior placenta

I have an anterior placenta, and my doctor told me that i can cause babies movements to not be as noticeable until they get bigger. I’m 21 weeks, and i can feel him moving, but i don’t see him moving just yet. When did you guys with an AP start seeing and not just feeling movements?
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Same here and I only feel him kick really hard when I lay on my right side I am only a week ahead of you my little guy is in the 99th percentile

I have anterior placenta as well. I have started feeling movement a lot this week. I am 22 weeks now and she is in 30th percentile. So maybe you will start feeling movement in the next week or so!

@Pantera i feel him when im sitting down and laying down, im just ready to actually see it. I’m impatient 😂 plus i want his daddy to be able to feel it

@Whitney i can feel him! They’re very faint but i wanna see it 😂

@Megan I agree I can’t wait for his dad to feel him with it being our first I just want him to get to experience as much as he can I’m 22 weeks as of Sunday (6/9) so it would be awesome to get to let him experience something other than seeing me puke 😂

@Pantera this is our second together, but his 3rd and he got to feel our little girl move all the time. It adds so much more to it!

For my first, I had an AP and I didn’t start seeing movements until late second trimester.

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