Bouncing fruits

Someone posted on here the other day asking how to entertain their little one, other than play mats etc. but I can’t find the post. If you haven’t already, search Hey Bear Sensory on YouTube - those bouncing fruits keep my baby mesmerised. I sit him in his bouncer and he could sit watching them for hours (I don’t let him, but he could). A little helpful tip for when you’ve run out of ideas and just need a bit of hands-free time.
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If you have Disney plus dorys reef cam is nice 😊x

We done this for our boy the other day for the first time and he was absolutely captivated by it😂

Oooh will try that next time!!!

My baby girl loves this! And the hey bear black and white with classical music!!

Is this classed as screen time?

My baby is obsessed with this 🤣 so good when I need to get things done!

This has helped me sooo much lol my baby will be 11 months he doesn’t pay attention to it as much but now he’s into Mickey Mouse clubhouse

@Yasmin I guess so, but it’s got a lot of sensory/development benefits like their eye tracking, colours and sounds etc. so I’m not beating myself up about it in small doses.

Will give it a go

Showed my 9 week old this today and wow! Lol she sat there mesmerised too for about 20m following the fruits across the screen lol. Perfect while I got my housework done lol x

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