Sick and tired

Cut a long story short, my partner has been unfaithful and disloyal. Found out he cheated and messaged multiple women (also during my pregnancy). Now I’m trying to work things out for our family as there is now a baby involved. He went out today and now that I’ve lost trust in him I checked his iPad he left home to see if he went where he said he was going and it turns out he is there and has also called me. He realised I went on his iPad and asked me if I did. I was honesty and told him I did and the reason why (idgaf I have nothing to hide). His response was “wtf, that’s weird” I’m fucking fuming. The audacity 🤢. Is what I did truly weird or do I have the right to feel disgusted with his response?
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Yeh u have the right to be angry at his response hes the one whos made u have them urges if he wasnt disloin the first place u wouldn’t need to look through his stuff , honestly some men r scumbags hope your okay ! X

You have every right, it’s his fault for how you’re feeling. My baby daddy cheated on me while i was pregnant too it’s been really rough but i understand how it is if it ever need to talk.

I'm going through something similar with my sucks big time because before his infidelities came out I was never one to snoop...but now I do and I hate it. You can message me, girly. I feel you and it's not weird, but I do hate it for you and for me 😭

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