Is it normal to feel nauseous again??

My baby is moving so much I feel really nauseous and I'm just so uncomfortable right now. Is it normal or is it a sign of something else?? I'm 36 weeks and this is the first time since like the beginning of my second trimester where I always had morning sickness.
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Sameee I’m experiencing the same thing I told my doctor abt it she said it’s normal but now it’s like I have stomach pain and feeling nauseous

Totally normal

Yes it’s normal during the third trimester you might get nauseous again it happens to me sometimes :)

Okay that's good then I won't worry about it I'm just uncomfortable 🙃

If baby is too active I'll get nauseous.. ive even gotten nauseous because she got the hiccups lol

Yes it is! I felt the same way at 36 weeks. I thought it was something I ate but it quickly passed for me. It just your hormones :)

This baby is ALWAYS my mom tells me I look like a washing machine cause of all the movement in my belly

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