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I keep having contractions at night and for some time in the evening on some days so now I don't really pay attention to them. But this is the second night where I have actually painful, regular contractions that I can't stop and I think it's go time but then they fizzle out on their own after a couple of hours. With my first this did not happen a single time. Once the cramping started that was it. I'm so lost because I even messaged my midwife last night thinking she needed to be ready to go and now I don't even know what to wait for before I contact her. And also contact the people who are watching my toddler. I'm worried that I'll ignore contractions too long next time because they keep fizzling and it's going to be a big mess/rush getting my toddler to where she needs to be and then heading to the hospital. Ugh.
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Same. Also did not happen with my first but now it’s driving me nuts. Like is it go time or nah cause I need to know.

These second babies really keep us on our toes from the start @Martina 🥴

This is my first and same has been happening to me 🥲 I hate it

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