Vagina feels bruised?

Bit of a weird question, but has anyone experienced this? I had it in my last pregnancy but literally from 35 weeks, I'm only 18 weeks. I was told obviously with all the weight&pressure but not this early? It literally feels like it's so swollen and bruised but how???😂
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I had it last time and have it again already and it seems earlier this time! I find it’s worse if I have done a lot of walking, first time round it was if I had done a lot of walking, during and immediately after my pelvis would hurt but in the evening it would switch and yeah it all felt sore 😂

@Sophie at least it's not just me! So weird 😂

I currently have this awful symptom, It's my first pregnancy and I'm 20 weeks. Feels like I rode as part of the tour de France. 🙃

I’m seeing a pelvic floor physio for this in my 2nd pregnancy and I’d definitely pass on her advice to do your pelvic floor squeezes 3x a day! Just from doing this I’ve felt overall better. Definitely have worse days if I’ve walked or stood a lot that day though Here’s a booklet she linked me to. She said to just do what you can, so whether a long hold squeeze is 3 seconds or whatever. It’s something.

Yes I’m 19 weeks and feel the same! I had a pelvic floor check and all fine but I think it affects some more than others. Apparently pelvic floor pain is more common if you are hypermobile too (which I am)

Yes, but I think mine is just swelling. Everything got a bit puffy down there last time and it's just happened earlier this time.

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