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Hi !! I am 21 week +3 at the moment and today I can t feel as much movement as the past few days .. is this normal ? I know it's early on. Can anybody relate?
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Any concerns about movement you should discuss with your midwife’s to be safe x

Very normal, it's not for another few weeks it will develop into a pattern. If you're worried or have a gut feeling something is wrong call them

You have a lot of fluid and a lot of room in there for Baby so there will be times that you don’t feel them as much. It’s monitored more after 24 weeks as Baby will be big enough for you to recognise patterns

Very normal. Baby is still very small so most of their movements are missed. You won’t get a pattern of movements until third trimester, and probably closer to 30 weeks

All these messages are very reassuring. Thank you so much 🥰xx

The place of your placenta can affect how much you feel the baby aswell x

I was just thinking exactly the same thing, feel reassured reading this ❤️

I have been feeling the same, thought baby was in abit of a pattern but last few days been feeling less! But all comments make it sound normal!

If you have any concerns or haven't felt them much you're safer to call and they can check. They honestly don't mind reassuring you. I had a midwife appointment yesterday, unplanned because I'd been feeling so ill and dizzy. I mentioned my movements had been different (she'd started kicking me more overnight and I'd not felt her much that morning). I said Id put it down to her developing a pattern and I honestly wasn't overly concerned. She checked me over anyway, gave me a good examination and as soon as she poked my belly with the Doppler probe, baby kicked the probe. She's also kept my next appointment just as reassurance, so after yesterday I definitely feel better about calling if I'm ever worried. It can be normal, I was the same a few weeks ago but don't stress about calling if you want them to check.

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