4 years ago

Missing being pregnant

Anyone miss being pregnant? I had my fair share of issues (high risk, GD, etc) but I loved being pregnant. Any other ladies feel the same way?
Missing being pregnant
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2 months ago

I have 9 Amazing Children I Loved Every Pregnancy The differences with them all truly blessed Had them All Natural 💗

2 months ago

I loved being pregnant. My cousin is expecting her 1st im like I want another. I have a 8 month.

2 months ago

I only miss the movements/kicks and rubbing my baby bump. Everything else was not for me.

6 months ago

I cried multiple times bec i missed having my daughter in ny tummy. Shes now approaching 5months and i still miss being pregnant and my huge belly. I had a massive belly and it was uncomfortable but i miss my bump I wish i could get pregnant again but not sure it will happen with much ease 😔

7 months ago

I miss being pregnant, my baby is only 15 weeks old but I miss my bump so much 😩, my pregnancy felt like hell when I was pregnant but now it’s over and done with I miss it so much

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