Has anyone ordered off patpat UK?

The clothes look amazing but it's very cheap?
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Yes! Hit and miss. Got some maternity clothes and baby clothes. Haven’t used the baby clothes yet, but the maternity clothes I’ve worn a lot. The T-shirt’s etc have gone a bit “bally” so cheap quality, but can’t complain.

Yep, quality varies but it’s so cheap I don’t mind to much. Worth the risk I think x

Got some baby clothes from here and they are better quality than I expected but I haven’t used them yet so not sure how long they will last

Yes I got some clothes off there, like the others said they are hit and miss, most were a hit from what I got. I'll add some photos to this post

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Sorry to jump on this post but what is sizing like? True to size or big/small? Xx

1 outfit was bigger then I thought but the rest were spot on for sizing

I love all of them Jessica

Yes you won’t regret it! All I can say is some material may be thin but definitely worth the price you pay

I bought some baby clothes off of there and they are all super cute. Quality seems okay, not bad but not great.

I've ordered loads from there. If it's your first order it does take slightly longer for order to come. Mine took 4 to 5 weeks. But if you order again the order comes in 2 or 3 weeks x

I've ordered from Pat Pat and the clothes were good quality and exactly like the pictures. But be careful on their "sales". They will sometimes mark up the price to make it look like you're getting a deal.

I have! And everything I got is great, sometimes it runs smaller but just check the reviews 1st

I have and my clothes came & were lovely! Really good quality and were exactly as they were pictured on the website x

Oh god no don’t do it. In my experience of it. t’s cheap for a reason! Nasty stuff, quality is so poor it’s not worth it. It’s literally more expensive to return it - which you’ll want to do!

I have and the baby and children’s clothes I ordered were fairly decent, better than Kmart and best and less etc. However, I found some of their other baby clothes online to be quite inappropriate. Some designs for infant girls were sexualised and styled for an hourglass shape (when babies are more barrel-shaped and certainly haven’t developed post pubertal hips and breasts). The boys clothes have none of the sexualisation but still have some inappropriate statements on them. I think the clothes from patpat are affordable and there’s a decent sized range (even if some of it is very problematic), but I won’t be ordering from them again.

I ordered lots of bits as it was so cheap.. took about 4 weeks to get here.. the sizes came up bigger than I imagined they would and slightly rough material but will still be okay. Cute outfits x

Not good quality.

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I wouldn’t order from here because of the cheap prices. How much are the people getting paid to make this stuff when they cost £3 ?

I have from the US site. The clothes are cute. The only thing is they seem to run big on some items and it took 3 weeks to arrive

My patpat order arrived today, such cute clothes!! Will have to wait and see about the quality (due in July) 🤞

Bought loads of then some guilty is great some not so but not terrible had worse from Primark And good for the price since there not even in them 2 minutes

I'm in London, ordered twice, both times everything was decent quality, good sizing, comfy. Very surprised because of the price :) the first time the order took about 8-10 days, the second time about 20 days but it was around Christmas time so no surprises there 😅

Yes, a baby blanket that otherwise would have cost near 100 but I paid 10 euro and 10 postage. Highly recommend!!!

Yeah they are the beat quality but durable :)

Yes, I just bought a bunch recently from US site. Quality seems pretty good actually but sizing is kind of all over the place...most things look super big. Wide especially, but with short sleeves&legs. LO hasn’t arrived yet so we’ll see how much use we get out of them!

I have and I love them. I would suggest ordering ordering ahead of time because sometimes it can take long

My mom has ordered for my daughter and they are decent quality and sizing is pretty spot on

Yeah the quality is good but it takes soooo long to get here! I ordered matching Christmas jumpers about 5 weeks ago and still haven't come. Other orders have taken up to a month so make sure you order in plenty of time!

There stuff is great and good quality nice sizing. But it does take ages to arrive. Ive never ordered anything that's arrived in less than 2 weeks

I don’t recommend at all. My mom has bought a few things for us and it’s all cheap, sizing is not consistent. Items have included family Christmas pajamas, nursing tops, and random baby outfits. One outfit fell apart after one washing on delicate cycle.

Sizes aren't the best its a bit hit and miss but the actual clothes are really good quality

Coming back to this post now that baby is here.... sizing is SO BAD. And all these clothes are mostly unusable. He’s outgrown the length at 1 month while he could fit twice in there width wise... I’m trying to get a little use out of them still. But he’s swimming in it while not being able to stretch legs fully. I have another newborn one that is even wider. Looks like 6-12month on top but newborn length.

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