Does my bump look like it's fallen?

Is it normal that my bump looks like it’s fallen so much I’ve been getting sickness and the worst back pains and cramps and watery discharge I think I might go into labour soon but I’m only 35 and a half weeks this pregnancy is so different to my first and my midwife is uselsss help lol
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Mine dropped like this at around 33 weeks and I had really bad back pains and sciatica!! and I gave birth at 41+4!! Hope your pregnancy is going well! 😃

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Oh my 41 weeks I don’t think I’d manage lol it’s been ok very easy pregnancy but the last few weeks so painful and had like light pink blood last night I don’t. Want home to come early I was starting to panic thank you x

Best off ringing your maternity unit Hun see what they say to me it sounds like your in slow labour x

Okay that’s a relief I was really worried I’m defo going to try give them a ring and see what going on because I had a thought it could be that x

Awh your so lovely

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Am I lool I feel bloated and saggy but thanks 😂x

#momlife lol

It’s supposed to drop towards the end of your pregnancy

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I know I said the shape but thanks lol

I am 35+3 and have already dropped, had a scan Monday and baby is head down currently.

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Okay that’s good babe and same heads down and dropping quickly the shape just looks crazy

If baby is head down, I’m 31 weeks, should my bump have dropped? Mine doesn’t seem any different but 2 scans confirm baby is head down 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Not necessarily because your still quite early I starting seeing this drop only recently but baby’s been head down for weeks

My dropped at 31 weeks and I gave birth at 40 weeks + 4 days! You still have time, baby is just getting ready!

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Okay thanks xxx

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