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Welcome to the world.....

We welcomed our gorgeous Ava into the world yesterday, but she seems to be struggling with gas and nappies. Any tips for a breastfed babe that help her out? I know of bicycle legs and clockwise tummy rubs, but not sure how to navigate that while her cord is still there x
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Congratulations, so cute

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Congratulations! She's adorable. Probiotics for babies are meant to be great for gas as it helps their good bacteria in the gut. Make sure they are infant ones though. I think optibac do infant ones :)

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Congratulations! Infacol was a life saver for us for the first few months of her life. I think you can use it from birth. Also baby massage is still helping her a lot! She is 4 months now and she is a pro at burping and filling her nappies 😂 Allow some time to your little one to adjust to the new world and I’m sure she will figure everything out! Good luck x

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There are a few online baby massage courses at the moment, that might help.

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Tiger tree hold puts a little pressure on the tummy. Try that (google if your unsure for an image) Also if baby is on your knee facing you. As if you’d do row row row your boat(back and forth) but do a circular motion. It’s hard to explain but I hope u understand what I mean I only figured this out at baby sensory class. And my baby used to really bring wind up with that movement even tho she didn’t appear to be struggling with it.

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