14 LGBTQIA+ Couples You Should Follow ASAP

14 LGBTQIA+ Couples You Should Follow ASAP

At Peanut, we’re passionate about highlighting LGBTQIA+ voices and experiences - especially when it comes to fertility, pregnancy, parenting, and navigating the LGTBTQIA+ experience.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite LGBTQ+ couples that need to be on your feed.

Not only do these couples create great content, but use their platforms to raise awareness of the additional difficulties LGBTQIA+ couples face when it comes to navigating parenthood.

So if you want to see more people like you, or you’re keen to diversify your feed, here are our favorite LGBT couples to follow (in no particular order).

(We’re focusing on women and non-binary couples on this list, not to overlook masculine gay relationships, but to honor Peanut as a safe space for women and those with a feminine experience.)

In this article: 📝

  • 1. Denise & Ebony
  • 2. Julie & Camilla
  • 3. Raff & Micaela
  • 4. Tara & Mandi
  • 5. Mylin & Lindsay
  • 6. Cara & Cara
  • 7. Rose & Rosie
  • 8. Allie & Sam
  • 9. Sufi & Anjali
  • 10. Caitlin & Leah
  • 11. Morgan & Alejandra
  • 12. Lisa & Lauren
  • 13. Lauren & Nat
  • 14. Jas & Tee

1. Denise & Ebony

📸 Instagram: @team2moms
🎥 YouTube: @Team2Moms
🤳 TikTok: @team2moms
🐦 Twitter: @OliviaHas2Moms
💙 Facebook: Team2Moms
🎧 Podcast: Team2Moms

As huge diversity and positivity advocates, Denise and Ebony are on a mission to challenge norms and stereotypes, with a helping hand from their three children.

Not only do they love sharing insights into their lives (the good, the bad, and the downright hilarious), but they’re passionate about giving the world a new perspective on what makes a family.

“Fluent in positivity”? Yes, please!

2. Julie & Camilla

📸 Instagram: @camillalor
🤳 TikTok: @camillalor and @julieevlorentzen
🎥 YouTube: @julieandcamilla

We’ve seen them get engaged (we cried), get married (we cried again), and get pregnant for the first time via IVF (yeah, we cried again).

Now we’re following Julie’s pregnancy journey, Camilla’s unwavering support (partners, take notes), date ideas, body positivity, the occasional recipe, and their renovation series in their dream home.

3. Raff & Micaela

📸 Instagram: @raffinee and @memicamd
🎥 YouTube: @raffinee5460

Fun fact: Raff and Micaela’s three children are only seven and a half months apart.

Both Micaela and Raff were going through IUI and became pregnant a few weeks after one another ‒ with Raff carrying twins!

If that story alone hasn’t convinced you to follow, we’re not sure what will…

4. Tara & Mandi

📸 Instagram: @livingrosa
🎥 YouTube: @livingrosa
💙 Facebook: Living Rosa
🐦 Twitter: @living_rosa

LGBTQIA+ influencer, wife, and mama, Tara, is passionate about breaking the stigma of the ‘normal’ family ‒ and we’re here for it.

Alongside their sweet vlogs and funny moments, Tara and her wife Mandi also keep it real, sharing their experiences of trying to conceive and life as a mom of four.

5. Mylin & Lindsay

📸 Instagram: @stokeskennedy
✍️ Blog: Stokes Kennedy

As the proud mamas of two boys and a baby-to-be, and dedicated advocates of Black Queer love, MyLin and Lindsay’s Instagram focuses on giving visibility to her family and affirming the validity of the LGTBQIA+ community.

Plus, you might’ve spotted these two in Abercrombie’s Pride campaign ‒ NDB!

6. Cara & Cara

📸 Instagram: @caras_atl
🤳 TikTok: @caras_atl

Cara C (who runs the account) has an interesting story ‒ calling herself a ‘late to lesbian’, only coming out at age 30 after being married to a man and meeting Cara W when her daughter was six years old.

In her posts, she talks about the lack of visibility for same-sex families and her desire to challenge ‘normalcy’ ‒ and we love her for it.

7. Rose & Rosie

📸 Instagram: @roseellendix and @roxetera
🎥 YouTube: @RoseAndRosie

After a grueling TTC journey, Rose and Rosie had their first babe, Ziggy, in 2021.

Tap the follow button for candid chats about the difficulties of trying to conceive as a same-sex couple: dealing with fertility clinics, laws, and regulations when it comes to sperm (who knew!), the cost of IUI, parenting, and what not to say to a queer expecting couple.

8. Allie & Sam

📸 Instagram: @allieandsam
🐦 Twitter: @allieandsam_
🎥 YouTube: @AllieandSam
✍️ Blog: Allie and Sam

Dedicated to normalizing LGBT life, self-described “married femme lesbian couple”, Allie and Sam are twin moms who love to travel.

Expect Insta-perfect snaps of their gorgeous family, down-to-earth and supportive captions, and honest vlogs chronicling twin mom life.

9. Sufi & Anjali

📸 Instagram: @anjalichakra and @sufi.sun
🤳 TikTok: @anjalichakra and @sufisun
🐦 Twitter: @anj3llyfish and @sufisun
🎥 YouTube: @sufiandanjali4670
✍️ Blog: Anjali Chakra

An LGBTQ interfaith couple, Sufi and Anjali are the definition of #couplegoals.

At the time of writing, they’re engaged, planning their “big far queer Desi wedding”, and sharing their story along with sapphic couple tips and advice.

10. Caitlin & Leah

📸 Instagram: @caitlinandleahh
🤳 TikTok: @caitlinandleahh
🎥 YouTube: @CaitlinandLeah
💙 Facebook: CaitlinandLeah

We love this pair of bubbly, bright TikTokers who soared to fame, with over 9 million followers on the app (at the time of writing, we have no doubt they’ll reach 10 mill soon!).

There’s not much off-limits with this lesbian couple, they share everything from their personal mental health journeys to relationship insights and their lives as IVF moms.

If you want something to brighten your FYP, this is the couple to follow.

11. Morgan & Alejandra

📸 Instagram: @twomomsinmotion
🤳 TikTok: @twomomsinmotion
🎥 YouTube: @twomomsinmotion9280
✍️ Blog: Two Moms in Motion

Travel? Check. Parenthood? Check. Love? Double-check!

And now they’re going through their IVF journey for baby number 2!

Follow if you love scrolling through far-off places, sweet stories, TTC experiences, and a whole lotta love!

12. Lisa & Lauren

📸 Instagram: @thiscolorfulworld
🎥 YouTube: @ThisColorfulWorld

The ultimate working-mom-couple inspiration ‒ co-founders of MoodBoard, founders of The Beatnik Group, chicken farmers, owners of the cosiest AirBnB in Sweden, and moms to Nilo.

We love the sunny, outdoorsy content and the honest approach to working motherhood.

13. Lauren & Nat

📸 Instagram: @herandhergirlfriend
🎥 YouTube: @HerandHerGirlfriend
💙 Facebook: Herandhergirlfriend

A must-follow account ‒ for Lauren’s honest story of living with PCOS and her journey of self-love as a “bearded lady”, and Nat’s experience as an amputee.

You’ll learn ways to love yourself, set boundaries, and embrace your own vulnerabilities.

Lauren and Nat also launched HER + HER, a clothing brand with some healing, positive vibes.

14. Jas & Tee

📸 Instagram: @jasandtee
🎥 YouTube: @jasandtee21
🤳 TikTok: @jasandtee21

Avid travelers, Jas and Tee are always on the move!

And they’re a pure example of how relationships should be: “Get you a soulmate who makes the simplest days feel like the best days”.

What’s not to love?

There you have it! Lots of LGBTQIA+ couples to follow.

So get scrolling, spread the love, and tell them who sent you. 😉

And if you’re after more LGBTQIA+ couples to chat with, about parenting, womanhood, relationships, and everything else in between, you’re always welcome to join our LGBTQ+ Group on Peanut ‒ we’re having the conversation.

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