8 TikTok Moms to Follow & Brighten Up Your Day

8 TikTok Moms to Follow & Brighten Up Your Day

These TikTok moms are sharing the highs, lows, and in-betweens of motherhood. We take a look at who they are and what they’re posting.
Okay, we admit it, we’re pretty much addicted to TikTok.

And, like Peanut, it’s a great place to find a community of other mamas.

We’re going to introduce you to some famous TikTok moms, all sharing their experiences of motherhood.

(While you’re at it, why not throw us a cheeky follow on there, too?)

Let’s dive in.

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Who are TikTok moms to follow?

Want to fill your FYP with fellow moms?

It’s a great idea for tips, hacks, and a nice way to boost another mama’s social media presence.

But as much as we love TikTok, it can be a daunting place.

That’s why we started Peanut — it’s a safe place, the social media just for women.

But if you still want to keep scrolling through your FYP, check out these TikTok moms and throw them a follow, if you like!

1. Who is the Life360 mom on TikTok?

She’s called Samantha Howsden, and she’s known as the “Mom of TikTok.”

Her video criticizing the Life360 app for invading teenagers’ privacy went viral in 2019.

And after discussing her concerns, the company’s CEO made a number of changes to the app.

It’s a great example of the power of social media.

Today, Samantha has 2.9 million followers on TikTok.

2. Shawna Lander (@shawnathemom)

Follow Shawna for funny skits covering everything from “helpful” grandmothers to challenging toddlers.

There’s also more serious material about her experience as a survivor of breast cancer.

It’s all delivered with a warmth that makes her feel like a real-life friend.

You can find her here

3. Dani 🤍 (@goodbaby._)

Dani’s a young mother whose short videos are accompanied by pithy comments that will have you nodding along.

They’re funny, supportive, and joyful.

Check them out when you need a lift at the end of a long day.

Follow here here.

4. LauraLove (@LauraLove5514)

Laura Love’s tag is “Montessori and Respectful Parenting Momma.”

Her videos are often hilarious slices of life with her two button-cute boys.

One of our faves is Laura’s chaotic take on making macaroni cheese.

Her son Jonah gave his verdict on her secret ingredient of breadcrumbs: “Gross.”

Watch her videos here.

5. Gwenna (@Mommacusses)

If the idea of celebrating the “cussable moments” of mamahood sounds appealing, Gwenna, aka @Mommacusses, could be your speed.

This self-proclaimed “Parenting Unexpert” posts videos on everything from gothic makeup to the parenting styles of the Addams Family.

Get cussing here.

6. Myriam Sandler (@Mothercould)

Myriam Sandler is the woman behind MotherCould.

Follow her for heaps of simple but effective ideas to keep your toddler entertained.

And you don’t need to spend loads of cash or be a creative genius to pull them off.

Find her here.

7. The Honest Mom (@DiaryofanHonestMom)

The Honest Mom gives an unvarnished take on the realities of motherhood.

“I see other moms find joy in the little things, and I want to so desperately,” she says.

“But sometimes, I just don’t.”

Her posts tackle the stigma around mental health, her message a simple and healing one: it’s okay not to be okay.

Find out more here.

8. Jaay Brii (@jaaygotlocss)

Jaay’s a young mother who’s just had a C-section.

Her videos catalog her experience of pregnancy, labor, and getting to know her son.

They’re fresh, honest, and relatable.

Head here to explore.

How much can I make off TikTok?

Fancy following in the footsteps of these TikTok moms?

If you build up a large following, it’s possible to make money from TikTok.

Just how much is difficult to say, although some online calculators can be used to estimate your influencer earnings.

It’s not easy money, though.

To get to the same point as the mothers on this list, you need to be posting a lot — several times a day.

And you need lots of people to engage with your content.

Who is the lady on TikTok?

Before we end off, here’s some interesting TikTok trivia.

In 2020, the platform released a “text to speech” feature.

The only problem was that the woman whose voice they used didn’t know anything about it.

Her name was Beverley Standing, and she is a voice actress from Canada.

She’d recorded 10,000 sentences for the Chinese Institute of Acoustics for use in translation.

And TikTok used them without her permission.

Beverley sued the platform, who at first responded by removing her voice.

But that led to a huge backlash from users and the creation of the hashtag #StandingWithBev.

In the end, TikTok settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed sum.

TikTok can be a great way to find other mamas and share their experiences of motherhood and more.

And why not check out our community here at Peanut too?

It’s a safe space to find advice, share your thoughts, and make friends.

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