1 year ago

Gender reveal

Husband wants a gender reveal and I really don’t. It’s our first child and he wants one because of that fact. What do I do? We’ve debated it numerous times. I think he’s given up trying to convince me to have one and now I feel bad, but I still really don’t want one.

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1 year ago

Maybe you could compromise? If you don’t want a gender revel just find out the gender yourself and make him cupcakes or something You could film him and send the video to family and friends🤷🏻‍♀️

1 year ago

Sending personalized cards to family for a reveal would be cute

1 year ago

We found out and then surprised our friends and family. It was fun for us to be surprising them. We sent little balloons that had confetti and the gender inside them for our close out of state family and then did a small get together or family that lives near us and did a smoke bomb in a jack o lantern on Halloween. Nothing crazy and it wasn’t a party specifically for that just had it set up to go off while they were here visiting for Halloween.

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1 year ago

I think one key to remember is there is no "right" way to do this. For example my husband and I have known the gender for weeks, we've already told our immediate family via text, but we might still host our own (at our expense) gender reveal something for our friends at some point. No wrong way to celebrate! I think you need to discuss with your partner what it is you both want to get out of the a gender reveal (or avoid) and then you can discuss different options of how to reach that goal. If you're trying to avoid a gathering and he's trying to include people, there are lots of online things you can look into. Check out this website! https://genderrevealgame.com/

1 year ago

I EVENTUALLY talked my partner into waiting until my LO was born to find out, and he now says its the best thing he's ever done. Although the whole delivery is overwhelming as it is, finding out at that moment was like nothing else I've ever experienced! I've said we'll find out with baby number 2🤣

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