Does anyone else have a partner that is also a child

I told him to put our baby's pants on and I knew I had to say "put the pants on him, on his legs, one leg and each hole, right side out, tag in the back" He is a good dad, hes just a silly man ❤🤣
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What would he have done otherwise? Put two legs in both holes? This seems very odd

Two legs in one hole, wear it like a hat. Put it on himself like a hat

To be fair, my husband regularly wears baby's pants like a hat as a joke to make her giggle.

Absolutely feel this so much! Haha sometimes it’s really funny other times I’m so inpatient! But yeah put babies pants on is typically putting them on his head

I'd say mine can be a child but only because he thinks it's funny when he pretends to be clueless and I fall for it. It irritates me but also makes me laugh.

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