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Hi ladies So,went for 12 week scan and couldn’t do it as baby in wrong position so went back at 13+3 and they’ve said the NT measurement was 7mm. Baby was still in a strange position but they took a measurement from what looked like the top of the head instead of the back of the neck. They’ve now said I need to go for CVS to do further tests. Had 2 private scans showing no issues and prenatesting for downs which came back clear. I’m think I’m really struggling to take in that there may be a problem with our little boy, especially after all looking so good so far after a loss last August. Anybody experience this or similar at all? Thanks I’m advance
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Hi lovely - I’m sorry you’re struggling x Have they offered you a NIPT before CVS? The NHS process is typically: 1. NT combined screening 2. If you get a high result then it’s a NIPT (which is much more accurate as it’s a blood draw that actually looks at babies DNA). It still screening not diagnostic but gives you a much clearer picture before doing diagnostic. 3. If the NIPT also comes back as high risk it’s then diagnostic testing of the amnio / cvs. They should be offering you the NIPT before the diagnostic screening so I’d absolutely push for this. You also don’t NEED to do anything and they can’t tell you what to do, these tests and screenings are all completely your choice. X

The mentioned NIPT but said they done offer it on the nhs. I had a private partial NIPT which ruled out downs,wish I’d done the full works now. They offered for us go to Notts and see a specialists and have cvs which is what we’ve opted for. I am trying desperately to cling onto hope at the moment 😢x

Our nhs results came back high risk for downs, we had already booked a private NIPT but the nhs then also offered us a NIPT. They should definitely offer this before amnio / CVS

I had to pay for my NIPT test because they couldn’t get the measurement. Expensive but so worth knowing! X

The bloods they took as part of the combined screening have come back 1:48 for edwards and patau so going to see consultant tomorrow and then Amnio next week. Fingers crossed little man is ok in there 🥺

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