Mother’s Day

Am I overreacting? So obviously today is Mother’s Day and I knew for a few weeks that my other half would be working for the whole day which upset me but not too much as we would still have the morning and then late night to spend together. My lo is only 2 so they don’t know what’s going on. This morning came and I didn’t even get a cup of tea or something small. I got my gift yesterday which I appreciate 10000% but was kind of given to me as a ‘I had to get you something so here it is’ I never even got a card… when I was told that he couldn’t get me one yesterday I said I would be happy with just a drawing from my baby and that would make my day… did I get that? No…. After a LONG day with my toddler being a complete terror tot and not having 5 minutes without them screaming and throwing themselves around I get a message saying that he’s now staying back at work for a few more hours as he feels bad for leaving them when it’s busy… I had not made myself something to eat or anything as was waiting for him to come home to order takeout and watch a movie but he told me he’s already eaten and will be back by 10. I’m also pregnant so dealing with my little one today with the mood they’ve been in has been HARD and draining on my body. I’ve spent the evening in tears and when I said that I don’t feel appreciated today he was like oh I’ve been feeling unwell and that I deserve better etc. am I overreacting?!
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I would also like to mention that we didn’t celebrate Mother’s Day last year either as he was working again but on days that are about showing him appreciation I go overboard and spoil him and shower him with love… so I just feel like utter RUBBISH…

I have the same bullshit every year... I told my other half yesterday that I'm just an after thought when it comes to mother's day

I’m in the same boat. My gift was £50 which was only given cause his mother was there and she got it first. I also go all out to give him a good Father’s Day. I don’t want a lot, even toast and a coffee in bed, something to make me feel a little appreciated.

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