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Is anyone in a council house? I need some help/advice.. so when I was pregnant and my parents found out they basically kicked me out so I was sofa surfing at friends houses. I went to the council but they’re so useless I feel (croydon) I had a housing officer but they was basically saying I have to try prevent homelessness etc if I go to emergency accommodation then it will be shared. My boy is 6months now and I have no stability or much help. I have filled out the self help tool and I’m expected a telephone appointment in July even though I stated I had to be out by June. I’ve called a few times but not in a lil while as I just get so anxious making the call etc 😩 as if having to look after a little human wasn’t stressful enough let alone trying to give them stability. 😢
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I’m so sorry love that sounds so tough, I wish I could help. Praying it all gets sorted out soon. You deserve sm support and stability and it sucks you don’t have it. Everything will work out, it will be okay even if you don’t believe it. Jus try to take any moments you can to jus breathe and be with yourself, keep your head up lovely you’re doing so well. Message me if you need someone to talk to x

Phone them and tell them you will be out on the streets by the end of the day- it’s tough because they try and get you to admit you can stay somewhere else, but it’s the only way they will give you emergency accommodation. Then you live there until you have your assessment, they’ll give you a personal housing plan after the assessment to fill out and within 56 days they need to put you in temporary accommodation. This is all if the council have a duty to house you. Just keep at them, I was the same and it was horrid but I stood my ground. They put me ages away but I at least know they need to help me with permanent housing

What @Morgan is correct! You need to tell them you have no where else to go regardless of how many times they ask you if you have anywhere. They have a legal duty to place you into emergency accommodation once you declare you have no where to stay. You’re classed as having a priority need because of your child! Also they can place you anywhere in terms or emergency accommodation, which includes, hotel or B&B, hostels, self contained flat, shared areas within hostels etc. However, they cannot keep you in emergency accommodation for longer than 6 weeks if you have a child with you. If they place you in a B&B or hotel, they cannot keep you there for longer than 7 days. The next step after emergency housing, is for them to place you into temporary housing, which is where you will stay until you find/ or are given your permanent place. Contact Shelter for further help, they are very good at helping with these cases. I’m more than happy to help further if you need any help.

Send me a message if you feel comfortable, I will help you with your councils policy etc you can quote to them when you call them again, which is what they have to follow legally with housing/ homeless applications. Or I can post the screen grabs here if you more comfortable with that.. let me know 🙂

Back in the day you could go to an office and wait all day, they would have to house you. Terrible now

@Khalilah that’s why they changed the rules etc unfortunately, because people who weren’t genuinely homeless took the mick! However they do still have a duty to provide emergency accommodation regardless of if you visit them in person or not. Tbh visiting in person with suitcases etc makes no real difference despite what people think lol.. the main thing is knowing your rights/ and your specific councils housing scheme policy/ the law 🙂

Same thing happened to me! When I was pregnant I had to leave my grandparents. I’m now in temporary accommodation which is a bedroom with shared kitchen and bathroom. The living conditions are terrible no one in that place cleans so it’s filthy but it’s better than nothing. We are now expected to be there for another few years until they give us somewhere permanent. I phoned them and said that I had no where to go (I was sleeping in my car) and they gave me the keys to the temp place that day x

@Andriana please can you give us more information on policy/law that can help us have permanent housing after baby is born. I have temp accommodation and the place is really unsuitable for my needs, I’ve gotten really sick with stress and being unable to shower. Is there any way to speed up the process for perm decent and suitable housing that you know of?

Well yesterday I had the health visitor come yesterday to my b&b. She assessed the situation, hopefully this will help me🤲🏽.

@Zha I’m going to send you a PM, as I don’t want to bombard everyone else here with information potentially irrelevant to them

@Andriana did that but nothing much happened. They said they will contact housing 🤷🏽‍♀️

@Monica sorry hun I’m a little confused what/ which part you’re referring to in terms of what I’ve said?

I'd try calling your local citizens advice as they can contact council on your behalf xx

Get your local MP involved. It really helps x

If I do private renting for them to put me in band 2a will they want to see the tendency contract for example the date I move their etc?

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