Hi all! I’m just curious if I should say something or just keep dealing with it. My husband’s side of the family is very religious, and mine is quite the opposite, to put it lightly. We are pregnant with our first and my MIL keeps sending me religious greeting cards and little trinkets that honestly just make me uncomfortable. My husband chose to leave that lifestyle and we are not bringing up our household to be religious at all. He is used to the behavior though and feels it’s harmless, but I really would rather it not be pushed on me or my growing family. I feel like we can believe in our own things without being pushy.. am I just being stupid? Anonymous so no one sees this that knows me and tells her before I can 🤦‍♀️
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My family is the same way. Not religious on my side and very much on his side. I ignore it. I talk to my children about all the different religions and let them know they can come to me with any questions. If I can't answer it, we will find the answers together. If they ever find a church they want to check out I will take them. They are free to make their own decisions. My kids are 14 & 8.

I know exactly how you feel, it’s the same with me. My in-laws are extremely religious and I was not raised religious at all. I wanted to make it a point that my kids can choose whatever religion they want as they get older so my boyfriend and I don’t push religion or anything on them even though he was also raised religious, but doesn’t practice now. my mother-in-law has been asking to take my daughter to church and has been asking about us baptizing my daughter. I’ve just been very blunt and upfront about us not wanting to push any religion on her and that I didn’t feel comfortable with her doing anything like that. I can definitely tell that she feels some type of way about me voicing that but it is what it is. You just have to be very blunt about it, so there’s no “confusion”. I told her that they can be religious all they want but I don’t want my daughter included in any of their practices. she gets older, and that’s something that she’s interested in then definitely.

Speak up if they respect you, they will respect your wishes my family is religious and I am not but we still get along great.

Honestly I would just ignore it.

Sounds like it's just gifts, yeah? How are they pushing anything on you?

@👑Jess👑 There are other things she could be choosing to send such as regular cards vs ones “praising the lord” and reciting bible verses that mean nothing to me, and such or even nothing at all. It makes me uncomfortable bc I’m not sure she knows that those types of things aren’t my forte, if you will. I also never said she is currently pushing anything on me, I was asking if I should let her know it makes me uncomfortable before we have a child that she thinks it’s okay to talk to about that kind of stuff.

@Incognito nothing wrong with telling her you don't want gifts / other sacraments.

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