Deli meat

My doctor at the beginning of pregnancy told me to stay clear from deli meat. I have not had any but I really want a sandwich. Has anyone ate it or continue to eat it anyways?
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I went to subway and got my sandwich toasted!

I was the same way. It stayed down for a few hours but eventually it flared up my acid reflux and caused me the throw up the lining of my stomach 😞

I eat it warmed or heated up for sure. Rarely in my case but like turkey breast I’ll ask it to be heated separately

You can have anything that’s already packaged bc it’ll be preserved, but if you get the freshly sliced from the deli you’d have to heat it before you eat it!

I personally decided that the risk was so low that I am okay to eat it. I usually go to subway and have always liked it toasted anyways. So I have literally had more subway sandwiches since being pregnant than in the past 5 years combined 😂 but that was my personal choice I made looking at the risks

I’ve been eating it - I eat it sometimes from a restaurant, or Jersey mikes, or Publix boars head. What I don’t do is buy a pack of turkey/ham/any other meat and keep it in the fridge to make my own sandwiches. I try to eat it as fresh as possible 🫶🏼 and keep it to a minimum but ya girl has been craving it too! I probably have one every few weeks or so.

My OB said it’s fine to have it once in awhile not all the time. When I go to subway I get it toasted but I’ve had a sandwich that wasn’t toasted and I was fine. I usually crave sandwich meat but randomly just want a veggie delight from subway

If you look up the percentages of listeria deli meat is ranked pretty low on the concern list. The reason we avoid it is due to the risk of getting listeria but you can honestly get that from fresh fruits and veggies before deli meat. I've been eating deli meat for a lot of my pregnancy because it's one of the easiest ways I can get some food in. Research listeria and where it can be found and make informed decisions. It's up to you :)

I still eat it, I just make sure it is fresh.

I'm 20 weeks and just recently started eating them I stayed away as long as possible I have turkey breat and such things though

Yeah I still eat it but on occasion. I only get it fresh cut from the deli not the precut and packaged ones

If it's warmed up or cooked your fine. Don't eat it cold.

As long as it's nitrate free

Just pop the whole sandwich without veggies or dressings in the oven or toaster oven for a few. I was told its fine, but you have to heat the meat to kill bacteria.

I do lol

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