So I've been hearing sleep when baby is asleep. In all honesty, I can't. hubby and I both are like bobble heads, making sure he is okay...does it get better side bar baby boy is only 6 days old.
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Going through the same thing girl.. baby boy is 8 days old and we are SLEEPY. We try to take turns during the day to nap so nights aren’t so bad. I know it’ll get better ❤️‍🩹

It does get better a little lol my baby is two weeks old and I sleep when he sleeps but I’d wake up and move his arm just to make sure he’s breathing. Your mom instincts will kick in i use to be a heavy sleeper before pregnancy and now I’m not

My boyfriend has no problem sleeping through small cries and noises. I stay up all night listening for every sound and feeding him on demand. Baby boy is 10 days old. I get day naps tho

@Destani that's how I am I even put a pacifier on his stomach to see the respiration lol

@Dani my husband is the same at night lol fall asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow

@Caitlin we are forgetting to nap during the day

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