Really random I know 😅 but I really have been fancying a ham sandwhich lately, been told you’re not allowed deli meats? Can I have a ham sandwhich or not
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Yes you can have cooked ham. Just can’t have cured meat like salami and pepperoni etc I think!

Thank you both 😁xx

I’ve just eaten everything I’ve wanted, personal choice I’d say 👍🏻

@Philippa / Pip pepperoni you can on a cooked pizza

Honestly, I have been eating everything I wanted... pate, salami and all sorts I fancied in consideration. No issues at all, I'm healthy and baby is healthy. When I was about 14-16weeks I kept craving ham sandwich... so I ate ham sandwich! 😂🤩 My mum said she never heard the "avoid" list and she ate everything she wanted too...

I’ve been eating ham like there’s no tomorrow 😅. I think by deli meats they mean either salami etc which isn’t cooked, or the ham from the deli itself in a shop, where it’s kept under a warm light or something xx

@Anett no pate is a different reason so I’d be careful. It’s more todo with the amount of the high anount of vitamin A. Same as liver. High vitamin a can cause spina bifida. I understand carrying on with soft cheese and deli meats ect it’s personal preference obviously but just thought I’d let u know be careful with the others x x

I’ve had so many since I’ve been pregnant 😫😫 at one point I was so addicted. I’m now in my final trimester and everythings fine

I’ve eaten ham my whole pregnancy!

Cooked ham you can! I would not be alive without my ham and cheese sandwiches🤤🤤🤤

I've been eating ham all the way through, never crossed my mind. Avoided salami though. Have you not eaten ham at all! That's impressive at one point it was only meat I could stomach x

@Lizzie thank you. I know about it. It's also about bacteria listeria. I probably had it twice in 7 months so I'm not worried to be honest.

@Anett oh really! Interesting I didn’t know it could effect pate as well as meat xx

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