What age to implement proper bed time routine? HELP!

Also how old and what time does your baby go to sleep Mine is 3 months and I feel like 9:30/10 is to late. He fall asleep around 7 but doesn’t stay asleep is that because he is down stairs with us ? Any help welcome
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Some people don’t have a bedtime routine and some do. It’s down to whatever you want to do and how comfortable you are with doing it. We started a bedtime routine when bubba was 1 and a half months. We started with Bottle, Bath, Bed (sometimes Bath, Bottle, Bed) to get him used to the idea that a bath meant bedtime & to sleep longer. We would then wait until he was drowsy then put him in his cot in complete darkness with a white noise machine on the cot. We did this when we had time to during the evening. Anywhere between 7pm - 10pm. My little boy is 3 months 2 weeks now. Sometimes we don’t bath him if it’s late but he now associates dark with bedtime so he automatically starts getting tired. Once he’s had his bottle and starts to fall asleep, we put him in his cot and he sleeps anywhere between 6 - 8 hours. It varies at the moment tho because he’s going through a sleep regression 😩🥲

My boys 11 weeks, his “routine” (used very lightly) at bedtime is: 20:30 bathtime, story and cuddles 21:00 downstairs for bottle with dad (I go to bed as I have work) 21:00-12:30 - chill downstairs with dad -sometimes he’s sleeps sometimes he doesn’t 12:30-1:30 last bottle and then up into his next to me with white noise on. 3:00- party time (no idea why he has started doing this) 5:00 - back to sleep then wakes up somewhere between 7-9. However, he sometimes sleeps from the last bottle till 8, sometimes he wakes hourly and has one ounce of milk at a time. Last night I was on my own so I put him to bed at 10:00, he woke at 3:30 for a a bottle and is still asleep now. The kid is a law unto his own!

Mine is 3 months today and I’ve always put my baby to bed between 7:30-8 every night ever since she was born. She’s got herself into a good routine of sleeping form then u till around 6/7

https://peanut.app.link/H5TAbSvF8zb Similar post here with more answers x

I do bath bottle then bed around 8/9 I let my little one have a short nap at 6 ish as I found she would not last until even 7 pm without it. She wakes between 1-2 times in the night then sleeps until 8am x

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