HELP!!!Am I being mean?

My husband and I have been together for five years. However he used to take care of himself now I can’t even get him to brush his teeth and I’ll say something to him like hey honey brush your teeth and he thinks I’m acting like his mother but it’s gotten so bad that I don’t even want to kiss him anymore. He was trying to come up to me the other day, and I moved my head away from his because his breath was so bad, and I finally just told him because he asked me why I was moving my head and I just told him that his breath stinks He still did not, and hasn’t brushed his teeth. It’s like he doesn’t care please help what should I do?
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Do you think he could be depressed

You’re not alone. Together with my husband for 9 years and he does not think it’s important to brush his teeth so he just doesn’t. We don’t kiss but a peck a day. I’m pretty used to it by now and try to not be overbearing, but he knows how I feel. I still love him regardless and when he has teeth problems I am very happy to say “told you so”. Lol

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