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Long story short I’m a first time mom, I have spina bifida, I developed my first pressure wound and it got really bad and I’ve been sick since March, I was EBF my 3 month old until I had to be put on I.V antibiotics through a picc line here recently the antibiotics are to harsh for me to be able to nurse, between, switching to bottle feeding, my supply dropping to next to nothing basically over night and being to weak to soothe my son when he cry’s, I feel like by the time I get better he won’t want anything to do with me… has anyone else been through anything similar? Am I wrong or do I just need to accept that from here on out I’m not who my son will want?
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your son will definitely want you….they want us just as we are…do you have someone that can help sooth him…are you able to sit on the bed with him? for me my son contact napped but i couldnt hold him in my arms the whole time so i layed him on me or between my legs so i was facing hom and my legs touched him….i couldnt carry him so i used a stroller….he tells me mama sit cause he knows when i sit on the ground that means i will play with him…now i know things are especially rough for you so you need help and not the same things apply..but my husband nearly entirely took care of him for about the first two weeks due to health stuff…your baby will live you no matter what…hopefully you can get help and give him a few snuggles or smiles ❤️

@Jennelle I live with my parents at the moment and my mom takes care of my son for me since I’m unable to right now, she does give him to me through out the day and we nap together quite a bit which makes me feel better for a little while! I just have had this (probably irrational) fear ever since getting sick that I’ll be like a stranger to him and he won’t want me later on, it probably doesn’t help matters that I feel guilty for not being able to take care of him like I should there’s days I feel like I’m not his mom anymore cause I can’t tend to his basic needs right now… I’m probably just being ridiculous about it all 🙈🤷‍♀️

@Mikayla Frazzini sorry i just saw your response…the peanut app confuses me a bit…your fears are understandable and they are there because you are a mom and you care so much…but of course your child loves you and will continue to love you. are you able to play with him in the bed at all or is that too difficult right now…does anyone bring him in there to play on the floor or in bouncer while they are there and your laying so you can dee and talk to him…either do need to focus on your health right now….pregnancy, new baby, and chronic illness can be difficult physically and mentally ❤️

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