Potty training

I'm having difficulty potty training. We tried a couple months ago and she pooped on the potty and got a reward. After a couple days of trying she wanted nothing to do with the potty so I put it away. I brought it back out two weeks ago as she tells me when she sometimes has to go to the bathroom but every time I mention potty she screams no. She understands she will get a reward, we have tried songs I have sat with her and held her hand while on the potty. I swear I've tried everything. She holds her pee until I put underwear on her or a diaper. Do you think maybe still too young or she will do it when she's ready Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks ladies
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How old is she? My son was lukewarm interested in the potty in June so we got him one and kept it in the house where he could see it all the time. He would ask randomly to use the potty and we would encourage it. Fast forward to September (2yrs 3mnths) he is very interested in the potty and is learning more about his body cues to have fewer accidents. We don’t offer rewards except for high fives and verbal praise. We also didn’t put pressure on him to use it.

I would say to go at her pace l, use lots of verbal praise, get her excited about flushing the pee/poop in the toilet and washing her hands. Keep the potty somewhere visible even if she isn’t interested .

Yeah shes the same age! And we do keep is visible and I always bring her in when I go and try to make it a big deal! Ah maybe she will eventually want to. I just don't know how to turn the hate into joy for the toliet. I'm thinking of buying her a new one maybe that will help!

We tried potty training last summer when he was 2 and it was a complete fail, after a couple days he would hold it for like 5 hours until his nap and bedtime diapers!! So we're trying again next weekend because he seems a lot more ready now. Curious to hear what's worked for others

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