Having a tough day.

I just wanted to get off my chest that I'm having a tough day today. Our little one is restless, not napping and we had the worst nights sleep ever. I know we are at the regression mark and we will get through it but I just wanted to share. My partner is great and has taken over since he got home from work and I've had a good natter with my sister to cheer me up but gosh I want this day to be over already 🤦‍♀️
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Oh bless you, you're lucky to have your partner on hand 😊 Make sure you take some time to just breathe, have a hot cuppa tea and just sit in silence for a couple mins. You're doing great and like you said, it will soon pass. Hang in there!!

I feel this. My little girl is 4 months and I’m really struggling. She was sleeping through and now is screaming for hours before sleep. I’m a single mum so I’m literally at breaking point. I’m actually really happy to hear it’s not just me going through this right now! Here to chat if you want xx

@Frankie Thank you this is really kind ♥️

@Caitlin Thank you Caitlin my little one is four months next week and we are experiencing similar. I will pop you a message ♥️

This was me yesterday with a baby full of cold. She screamed when awake and barely napped, I nearly peed myself twice, I nearly cried, I didn't eat, I didn't brush my teeth until 5pm and it was just awful. Today has been better. Hopefully you'll have a brighter day tomorrow, you're not alone x

Same here. Little one is fine at night and no regression there, but from 630am to 1700 had a total of 40 mins naptime. Literally just agitated and restless aaalllll day. It'll get there. Xx

@Danielle best advice I had at my baby shower was it's ok to cry and it's ok to put baby in the cot safe and close the door if you aren't coping. Later one was supported by the midwife. Your mental health is important. I think my LO picks up when I am stressed and I have learnt to pass him to someone or put him down somewhere safe, so I can calm down, pee, get a snack, or whatever, before going back to try settling him again. It doesn't work all the time but sometimes I can pick him up and he stops crying straight away. Good luck and remember you need to look after yourself first to be able to look after the baby.

@Danielle Hopeful to hear you've had a better day today ♥️

@Chantelle We'll get through this! Nice to know we are not alone ♥️

Thank you everyone for your comments / messages and loves. It really did give me a boost. Little one is down for the night too fingers crossed she has a good sleep ♥️

@Kerry Thanks lovely. I'm doing okay, it was just a rough day. Day 1 of a cold for little one and she struggled. I nearly peed when nap trapped 🤣 I didn't want to wake her! My Fiancé works from home and the walls are thin too.... he did take her once to help so.... its pros and cons. Today has been better and I caught her first giggles on video 🥰

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