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My 4 month old started purées and I started with avocado 3 days ago. First day he went poop as everyday (he’s ebf) and since the end of that day hasn’t gone poop, he’s been 48 hr without pooping, I know ebf babies can go days without it but he’s not like that he’s always pooped what can I do to help him feel better? I didn’t try today more avocado but he hasn’t fed much either… I know he’s constipated bc he’s been happy baby but today has been crying mom stop and a lot of screaming and it’s uncomfortable screaming he’s not just being fussy and I feel at a loss and bad seeing him I’m such discomfort can I give him any juice to help? If so how fast does it work and how much should I give him TIA.
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Have you tried gripe water? Definitely call the pediatrician for their opinion tomorrow if baby still hasn’t gone :(

Try gas drops, tummy massages, and Windi by Frida Baby. If none of those give relief, I’d call pediatrician. But if the only thing you’ve changed is giving puree, I’m sure that’s all it is. I’ve been making purees with breastmilk to make them just a little more of a runny consistency to avoid constipation

@Sammi i do mylicon hoping that helps him

@B I did tummy massage and gave him mylicon hoping that helps 🙁 I guess starting with avocado wasn’t a good idea after all I’ve seen that makes couple of babies constipated and I do make them with breastmilk in it more runny too… what else have you given in purée? I don’t know what to do next

I’ve only done sweet potatoes with breastmilk and cinnamon so far. I was planning to do avocado next😂 I don’t think it wasn’t a good idea!! Avocados are usually one of the first 3 people start with so you’re doing good. My LO’s poops have been fewer since starting purees but I also give him a probiotic (pediatrician recommended) and that always makes him go so like the other responder said, call ped if it’s still an issue tmrw

@B what probiotic do you use? Ped also said I can give him but never decided to do it yet I should start now I’m giving purées.. And avocado he liked it but I really think it was what made him constipated cause I’ve seen couple of people saying it does..I’m gonna do sweet potato next or carrots

We use gerber soothe probiotic. I’ve tried two other ones and that’s the best one. Yeah def try sweet potato and if you’re OK with it, adding cinnamon and bm make it taste like pumpkin pie lol

Is his stomach hard or does he cry when you massage it? I’m not excluding the possibility of avocado being the reason he hasn’t pooped but normally avocado is a poop friendly food. It may also be a possibility that his stomach is not ready to process solids yet. I would keep offering the breast and use massages/exercises to help him pass any gas or poop that may be blocking him. Even EBF babies that poop everyday can still go anywhere from a few days up to a week without going. Hopefully that’s all it is for him and you’re able to help him relieve the discomfort soon. 🫶🏻

@Melissa thank you so much! So helpful! I was thinking the same thing.. maybe he’s not ready and I’m okay with it! I thought he was bc he was sitting on his own with some support and SUPER interested in my food but he’s gonna have to wait a little, I gave him gripe water this morning with some more belly massages, he has farted a lot and his tummy is not hard thankfully! And he has been eating good today too so maybe is what you said

Awww poor baby 😣 and I just gave my baby puréed avocado for the first time lol we’ll see what happens. My mom does this thing when a baby is constipated that helps a lot. Not everyone will be comfortable with it I’m just throwing it out there in case you wanna try. She takes a q tip and dips in olive oil and then gently inserts it to lubricate the area so the baby can go. Hope he feels better soon!

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