October Mamas-

Whether you’re a first time mom or not- I wanted to say good luck to you and your remaining journey. Thank you to all the kind hearted woman that have reached out and gave advice, love and encouragement. You are amazing! As next week is approaching and the last week of September I just wanted to share my gratitude. I have what’s called IUGR- Basically fetal growth restriction- in my case I will be induced 37 or 38 weeks of pregnancy (depending on my ultrasound on the 2nd) I’m not scared but really putting all my trust and faith in my OB doctor. Its been a beautiful experience and the hardest thing I’ve had to do yet. If you all could give some thoughts and good vibes my way- it would mean a lot. 💝-Em.
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Hey mama I’m praying for you and your LO I know it’s hard but always remember GOD has the last say so

Put trust and faith in God . Prayers for a healthy baby 💕

All the positive thoughts and vibes your way!! Praying everything goes smoothly for you and baby. 💕

Praying for you! You will do great and don’t forget to advocate for yourself as much as you do your baby. 🩷

Prayers and love to you, mama, and all my fellow October 2023 mamas!!! May you all have safe births and congrats on all of your little blessings!! We all got this and it will be so worth it when we have our babies in our arms safe and sound 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️

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