EBF i feel guilty

I feel guilty sometime it takes me more than 4hrs til i nurse him bcoz were so busy during that time doing errands and driving around. I really feel bad.
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Is he complaining that he's hungry? I know breastmilk is still the main source of nutrition but if it's going to be a busy day I will keep some snacks and baby mum mums so she can eat something on the go until we have time to do a proper feed

But also a little extra time between feeds is not doing him harm, try to give yourself some grace 🥰

@Sachiko no he is not crying or whining. I do give him snack/meal.

Oh that's so sweet of you! I definitely get anxiety about it too! But I think at this age they do start to move to a little bit of longer stretches here and there so you're probably doing fine. But that's so so sweet that you care so much. You're a good mom💕

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