Tummy tuck after C section

Hi Mommas! Have any of you had a tummy tuck or mommy makeover after a c section? If so, how was your experience and how long after did you wait?
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Do you plan to have more kids

Also have you don’t any kind of changing diet or working out to help recover

I would say most surgeons would want you to wait at least a year to give your body time to fully heal before having another surgery. Also don’t plan if you intend to have any more children x

@Gabrielle i do not plan to have anymore children. She was my miracle baby, im 39 and have had 6 miscarriages before her.

@Gabrielle just starting back into working out, im 8wpp and will be increasing my workouts next week.

Gotcha well I would wait at least a year. Really working out your core and losing weight and all that and then get one if you want to but I wouldn’t do it any time soon because if you end up losing more weight or get better core muscles then your tummy tuck might be different

Planing to have Lipo and I was told 6 months but best to wait a year 😩 my sister had one soon after the baby and it didn’t look as good as when she lost more weight after that. Better to shred as much as you can and then go for it.

I had a tummy tuck dec 2022 then fell pregnant Aug 2023 with my first baby. I’m currently 27 weeks. My advice is to be absolutely sure you don’t want anymore children. My bump is barely visible and I feel so so so tight and uncomfortable BUT I love my new tummy, gave me so much confidence but don’t underestimate the recovery, I’ve heard it’s way worse than a c section

@Rach "I love my new tummy", those are words I want to say too! 😂 Girl, im 39, no more kids over here! If you dont mind sharing, id love to see before and after photos!

@Astrid true! Id like to lose 15 pounds atleast! I want a tummy tuck and a fat transfer to my bum from my back. After baby was born, i have so much back fat, i hate it.

@Rach did you plan to have a child afterwards or did you not really want any? I’ve thought about maybe getting one day in the future but curious how it would be if for some reason I got pregnant after on like accident

@Madhavi I did the bbl a few years ago. It’s the lipo with transfer to bum , not going to lie , recovery was hell but girrrrrrrl the results are life changing 🤭

I'm in Australia. I had twins in April. Babies 3 and 4. I'm done having kids. The husband got a vasectomy 2wks before the twins surprise early arrival 😅. After my pregnancy I had diastasis recti that was classified as severe. Due to this, I qualify for a Medicare covered "tummy tuck". There are guidelines that must be met. It must be at least 1yr pp. I have to have done some pelvic floor rehab and I need to loose weight. Im keen to drop as much as possible beforehand, safely because I'm breastfeeding. But if I'm going to commit to it, I might as well loose as much as possible to make it worth it. So I dont loose more and it look bad. If I loose the weight and my body doesn't really need it, I won't. No point risking it if I'm healing and my stomach is fine. It's still a big surgery and anything can happen

@Gabrielle yes I think I always wanted children but I had the surgery because I’d lost a lot of weight and I was doing it for me, for right now. It’s not a post partum body that I was trying to get away from, it was the massive overhanging stomach. I can tell already that this pregnancy isn’t going to give me all of that back so I’m really chilled about it

Just be sure you really need the tummy tuck before getting one. My sister got one because the doctor made her think she did, which she didn’t and now she’s limited to the amount of kids she have. It was 2 through c-section after with complications on her body afterwards. She says she’ll get her tubes tied to make sure she won’t get pregnant again cuz I think it could be life-threatening at that point. So just be sure it’s what you want and it’s necessary. I’ve had a c-section and was pressured to get a TT by some doctors but others told me I don’t need it. Worked out consistently a couple years later and got myself some abs before getting pregnant a couple months after again lol

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