I had a scan which according to my app would be 5weeks 1 day. All they could see was a small gestational sac. Is that normal or could I just be earlier then expected? I have another scan Thursday just overthinking it😂
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It’s very unlikely to see anything earlier than 6weeks. Gestational sac is basic to see then. Around 6.5weeks you should see a gestational sac, yolk sac, fetal pole and heartbeat. 5 weeks is simply too early and most heartbeats haven’t started until around 6weeks anyway.

It’s normal I got mine at 6weeks and it was a little dot like a little piece of rice

Yeah I have one on Thursday and I’ll be 6 weeks 1 day so hopefully more progress to be seen.

We saw a sac at 5+3 and the start of a pregnancy

That’s what my very first ultrasound looked like around 4-5 weeks


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