Hi! So my LB always starts off in his cot in his own room and he will sleep in there from 7:30pm till about 10:30pm-12am depending on the night it’s always different! He then refuses to stay in his cot and will only fall asleep if with us. Any tips on how to keep him in his cot without us having to be up all night 😂?! It’s got to the point now we just let him sleep with us so we can actually get some sleep! Who said sleep gets better once they are out the new born stage?! What a load of crap haha x
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My LG is 18 weeks and sleeps soundly from 10pm - 4/5/6am, feeds & then I try to put her back in next to me & she just stirs so I put her In Our bed & she sleeps 😳 but then I don’t really 😂 Sorry no advice but I’m in same boat x

My 7 month old sleeps right through, My 17 month old has just started sleeping through the night after spending about 5/6 months in bed with me and my partner, all I can say is just hang in there. It doesn't last forever and when your little one does sleep through the night in their cot you'll be lost 😂

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