Period returning

Hi everyone! Im 4weeks postpartum now, and my lochia stopped at 2.5 weeks postpartum, the last few days was just dark brown spotting- sometimes even less- a few days ago 3.5ish weeks post i started bright red bleeding again (i havent had sex or resumed exercise), when i spoke to my midwife she said it was likely my period. Im breastfeeding and bottle feeding expressed milk and i didnt expect my period to come back so soon. Is anyone else in the same boat?
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I also stopped at about 3 weeks then a week later started getting small amounts of bright red blood my midwife told me to see a gp and they referred me for a ultrasound to make sure there’s no inflammation causing it. Midwife also said it’s not normal but could be my normal and as long as it doesn’t turn into heavy bleeding or clots it should be fine

Oh that’s devastating! Surely not this early

My lochia also stopped between 2 and 3 weeks, and I think my period arrived at week 5. It started with some pain (not period like cramps) then some dark spotting. I just thought I had been doing too much and was quite stressed.. then the bright red bleed started and I assumed it was my period. I haven’t yet spoken with the GP about it. I breast feed and then offer formula top ups so assumed it was because Bub is having too much formula 😭

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