Leaking overnight

Little boy is just over 6 months and sleeps from 9 to useally 9 the next morning but since he has started solids he’s leaking through his nappy every night and waking himself up, we’ve tried different brands of nappy’s and even a bigger size up is this happening with anyone else ?
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My little girl never sleeps through as I still have to feed her 2-3 times a night but we have had the same issue with leaking which we never had before solids! We sized up with the Aldi nappies and that helped a tiny bit but I’m having to change her at around 2.30 every morning otherwise it means having to change her sheets every day!

My baby is exactly the same overnight, we just changed to pampers size 4 pants and problem solved! We use normal Sainsbury's nappies in the day as changed regularly and no issues but overnight we found the pants do the job :)

We've just switched to pull ups and they've been a game changer. Haven't had a single leak with them so far.

We put two nappies in our LB overnight since he started leaking and it’s worked a treat! We put a pampers on the bottom as they hold more and are more comfortable then a cheaper supermarket brand (we use Sainsburys) on top!

I had this problem with my little girl. We moved her up to the next size up nappies for night time and it’s worked amazing! X

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