Sleep regression confusion

Has anyone experienced sleep regression stopping and starting as such? I'm a FTM to an almost 5 month old, almost 4 months corrected. He seems to have a few nights where he's up multiple times to feed or be rocked back to sleep, then a couple of nights where he sleeps well, then back to being up multiple times. Can I assume this is sleep regression or does it need to be consistently bad?
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My boy, who is just 5m now, is about the same! We had an amazing night about a week ago where he slept 9 hours!! And then nights in between where he’s up every hour or so. I’m just praying it’s all a phase as it’s driving me a little bonkers 😂

Same! No advice but following. We seem to have a couple of good nights, then a really bad one and repeat I just can’t figure out if this is still the regression or something else.

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